Number of Transportation Initiatives to Decrease Private Vehicles on Campus

We, currently, have 17,000 of students and staffs in the campus. However, it would be increased in every year. This implies that there are many bicycles, motorcycles and cars coming into the campus, leading to the traffic congestion. Therefore, we have a policy to reduce the amount of cars by using the public transportation in campus, i.e. electric shuttle buses, electric motorcycles etc. Moreover, to reduce the air pollution and energy costs, we have several policies such as to inspect people coming into the university, developing a project to design a survey of traffic information on campus to solve traffic problems and also modifying the traffic system within the campus during rush hours etc.
- Electric shuttle buses
- Electric motorcycles usage in campus
- Design a survey of traffic information project for solving traffic problems
- A policy to inspect people coming into campus
- Modifying traffic system in campus during rush hours

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